Friday, June 25, 2010

Michael Jackson One Year Anniversary Tribute. Harlem, New York

Remembering a true legend at the Apollo.

One year ago today, The King of Pop Michael Jackson passed away suddenly at the age of 50. Fans around the world were shocked and saddened by the sudden lost of MJ. It threw me for a loop too, because in all actuality, i thought Michael Jackson would somehow really succeed at living "forever". At least, that's how idealistic his music made me feel.

Today, on a beautiful sunny day in Harlem, hundreds of fans gathered at the Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., Harlem State Office Building to celebrate Michael Jackson's life and legacy, hosted by R & B radio station WBLS. Michael Jackson music blared from the woofers beckoning fans to dance, sing, and remember Michael's greatness. Along 125th street, at the Apollo Theater, similar tributes went on, but on a smaller scale due to police presence. Yet street vendors of MJ gear enjoyed a healthy demand as fans snatched up posters, t-shirts, buttons and anything with Michael Jackson's face on it.

MJ fan photographing the Apollo display.

Michael Jackson Look-a-like receives a hug from a fan.

Move like MJ.

Reverend Al Sharpton, Activist, Confidante and friend to the Jackson family.

Hands raised up in solidarity.

Heads bowed down for a moment of silence.

Michael Jackson, gone too soon.

Newark, NJ couple enjoying their first time in Harlem at the Michael Jackson Tribute.

A C-collar was no reason not to come out and celebrate!

MJ Fans packed the grounds of the State Office Building.

Michael Jackson had fans of all ages.

Painting Michael.

Young Michael.

Shopping for just the right MJ button.

Fan tribute.

Michael Jackson look-a-like. This was several blocks from the State Building where the fan tribute took place, so it was particularly interesting running into this character on the streets of Harlem.

Michael Jackson, gone too soon.
April 29, 1958- June 25, 2009


GeneralAuthority said...

"I love the dedication shown to Michael Jackson. It is from us Michael came and his remainder remains with us. All the hypocrites can now kiss & roll over. His legacy lives on: FOREVER: AS THE KING!!!" Lahiny Pierre, author of GENERAL AUTHORITY

DeAngela said...

I knew you would be there. I tried my hardest to leave work early and get there, but alas, I couldn't make it happen.

Love the solidarity shot and young Michael with the mirror reflection shot. Nicely done. It's an MJ weekend for me. Thanks for sharing.