Tuesday, June 20, 2006

"Sunset in Manhattan", June 2006


eshuneutics said...

You have an interesting eye...beautiful, human and rich photographic images. I notice you have an interest in Basquiat. Are you able to interpret his paintings by an chance?

Ocean said...

Thanks for your kind words about my photography! I'm glad you picked up on the "human" aspect of my work. Basquiat is more than an "interest", he's my hero! LOL! I am able to interepret very little of his work, and I've heard other curators interpret his work at museum shows. I don't think anyone's interpretation can be complete or accurate for that matter, unless we asked the man himself. Quite frankly, I think a lot of Basquiat's work was created while in the "haze" of drugs, so as far as intentions go, I think most of it came from the unconscious.
I do have some basquiat monographs of his work that go into detail of interprations. I also have an autobiography, posters and the movie!

Do you enjoy Basquiat's work also?

Thanks for visiting my blog, and again, thanks for your kind words about my work!


eshuneutics said...
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eshuneutics said...

Hello, Ocean. I have just read your reply, which is kind of nice. A bit of coincidence happened, I guess. I had seen your photographs on the internet months ago, and what I noticed was the spontaneity, so refreshing, not the usual Black model turned into high art stuff. Yesterday, I was looking for anyone who had "blogged" on Basquiat. So, I found myself with your artistry again! When the two searches merged, I suddenly thought "yes". Your photographs paint with light, but like Basquiat's art, they have the sense of let's start the canvas and see where it goes. I was drawn to much of your work, but was immediately hit by the photos that are about being photos, refer back to themselves. Basquiat's painting has quite a lot to say about photography and how images are traded...he would have liked your work, I feel sure. It is a pity that no one really bothers to read his work. Yes, it was drug induced, but it is far more consciously directed than critics have seen: but, of course, they do not want to read: who wants to credit a Black man with a mind...and Basquiat's was better than Warhol's! Do you know Downtown 81? That reveals a lot about Basquiat. Anyway, carry on with all you are doing, you have vision, like Basquiat! Best wishes to you. May Ocean connect to the Unconscious Ocean of Creativity!
(Sorry, had to re-do comment...need to put my new glasses on!)