Saturday, December 09, 2006

Men of color in Leather-The photoshoot of all photoshoots!

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Kwame Banks (aka Blackkat), who was (the first African American) Mr. American Leatherman 2005 on this photoshoot for his latest project SAFER + SANER. Shot on location at the Eagle Club in Chelsea, NYC over the course of two days, this shoot proved to be groundbreaking. I don't think there was ever a time before where men of color in the leather and fetish community got together for a photoshoot. 12 men in total all posing for the cause! :-) A lot of work and sweat went into making this shoot a spectacular success! though this is not my particular 'scene', i think it's important to document ALL aspects of the black sgl community without judgement! Visit the new website for SAFER + SANER ( as it is choc full of information (and my photos :-)) for brothas in the leather community. With over 400 photos taken during the shoot, I've provide a limited sampling below. Images will be published, shown in galleries and museums, and I'm sure will make a great impact on the community in the months and year ahead. This is also in preperation for the very first NYC Leather Pride coming in 2007! Enjoy!

Water Sports

Wax Play

Blackkat strikes a pose. Mr. American Leather Man 2005 is also the founder of SAFER + SANER (among many other projects), and is a true pioneer in the African American Leather Community!


Christophe, Mr. Eagle NYC 2006


Water Sports

Leather Alley

Chrispohe, Mr. Eagle NYC 2006

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ReggieH said...

Wanted to give you MAJOR props for the photos! I have copies of K's both did a fantastic job. Keep it up

Bougie Black Boy said...

interesting site! I'll have to return

Anonymous said...

Wow! Not my scene butI was drawn right in by the first image! I felt like I was right there! This is some of your best figure work yet!!!! Great Job!