Saturday, April 14, 2007


Wow! I've been away from the blog close to a month! Well the reason being that i moved into a new one-bedroom apartment in Bed-Stuy, and haven't had internet service--that is, not till this coming Monday. So don't fret, I'm still alive and well and getting settled into my new sun-drenched apartment, which now affords me the opportunity to also have a daylight studio! Needless to say, keep checking back at this blog for new and ecxiting work and projects. I've been inspired to try many new things with photography, as well, as continued growth in the other arenas of my work (photojournalism, fine art nudes, still life, etc...)!
I'm totally excited and can't wait to get back to posting here at BROTHALUVACAFE!


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EpiphanyNoir said...

Transitions are allways good... Glad to see something from ya! Im off to San Fran tomorrow..will have some pics to show you on my return next week!