Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Road Trip! April 29, 2007

I always love to get out of town when any opportunity arises, and I LOVE road trips! This one was to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for the annual Penn Relays, which is also the city's Black Gay Pride--which isn't worth mentioning too much about, because the events were just that tired. Neverthelss, I did enjoy sharing space with three new friends. Bar hopping, and brunching was the theme of the overnight trip.

On the ride home back to New York on Sunday, when I was slowly coming out of my stupor, I began to see the light--the bright, beautiful light of the day. Cottony white and silver clouds, drifted about the crisp, blue sky. All this inspiration and beauty was overwhelming for me. At seventy miles an hour, I was able to freeze in a moments time, the wonder, beauty, and simplicity of the surrounding landscape...all from a car window, using my digital camera with a manual focus lens!

The images that appear below are portraits of my new friends, and the surrounding landscape. Together, they form a tapestry of delight, wonder and promise.
Click any image enlarge! Enjoy!

All images and text copyrighted by Ocean Morisset.

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