Monday, October 22, 2007

Ocean Morisset Published Again!

That's right ya'll! My Male Nude photography is featured in a beautiful new hard cover coffee table book published out of the largest publishing house in the UK!!! Earler this year Doling Kindersley Publishing commissioned me to photograph the male nude for their latest photography book titled: Nude Photography: The Art and Craft. The book contains the work of ten photographers from around the WORLD, and I was asked to represent the United States!!

DK's intro reads:
"Follow practical advice from nude photography experts and learn to create picture-perfect results every time with this master class in photographing the human form. Everything’s covered from buying the right equipment and working with amateur and professional models to creating your own studio at home or outdoors. Find tips on setting up a shoot, lighting effects and post-production techniques so you can turn a good picture into a great one. Get inspired by a stunning ‘Photographer’s Gallery’ featuring the work of an international panel of photographers from Giorgio Barolo to John Davis."

I'll be interested to see how my male nude photography is received in the UK and other parts of the world. Oh, did I mention that the first run of books will be 40,000 copies in TEN languages! Yeah, i'm real excited and I'll let you know how it does. In the meantime, You can visit the book publisher's website and order your copy here:,,9781405322188,00.html?breadcrumbList=Photography&bcPath=c614078%2D00000000%23%23%2D1%23%23%2D1%7E%7Ec614078%2D704A%23%233%23%2311%7E%7Eq&searchProfile=UK-614078-global&strSrchSql=#

I haven't received my copy yet, but i'm dying to see it!

Thanks for all your support!



EpiphanyNoir said...

Wow! Congrats man!!! I cant wait to see it!!!

a.wright3 said...

This is incredible news! Wow! Congratulations, you deserve it. Now we'll have to start saying "World renowned photographer, Ocean Morisset..."


K. Koromantee said...

I tend to shy away from the nude stuff, but I have to say that your work is quite inspiring. In a visual world where erotica and pornography rule, it's obvious to me that you go out of your way to make Black men look more wholistic, intimate and culturally sound, as opposed to mere sexual objects. Thank you for making a difference!!!

James said...

Doin it and Doin it and doin It well. Look at that. Way to go man.