Friday, February 29, 2008

STILL Beauty

These are some selections from random shooting I've been doing lately. It's been interesting because I find myself wanting to capture more and more, the detail of the beauty that exists around me. One thing's for sure, I'm always motivated by natural light. For me, I "see" a shot mostly because of the way the light falls on a subject. In the case of photographing people, I always joke that it's really the light that's the star of the photo! LOL!

Enjoy this series and I look forward to posting more!

The Leaf Series.

Don't ask any questions! :-) Just know that I noted the way the diffused window light was caressing the palm leaves, enhancing the striated patterns. Simply beautiful! This work is a departure for me in terms of my photographic work, but these days, I'm really feeling still life!


Bernie said...

I am always fascinated by what photographers see when they see light and shadows. Then to be able to translate it to stunning images is truly art.

Ocean said...

Thanks Bernie!

bashir said...

This series, to me, is like leather for chocolate!