Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hiding in Hip Hop/Ali Forney Center Fundraiser held at the upscale boutique NHarlem, NYC.

Images from the book signing event Hiding in Hip-Hop fundraiser for the Ali Forney Center whose mission is to help homeless LGBT youth be safe and become independent as they move from adolescence to adulthood. To learn more about the Ali Forney Center, visit

Just to be a lil' different and still somewhat creative, I photographed this event in black and white. Enjoy!

Terrence Dean's new book, Hiding in Hip-Hop.

Terrence Dean signs a copy of his book.


Ali Forney Center Executive Director, Carl Siciliano and Laurence Pickney, a producer of the book signing fundraiser event.

Oppulence. The fact that this boutique had a chandelier in it, says it all.

A photo I just couldn't resist taking.

Terence Dean reading his book.

Smiles all around. There were lots of good vibes at this event.

The legendary party promoter James Saunders was one of the producers of this event.

Terrence Dean holding court with some friends.

The shoot would not have been complete without a self-portrait of myself! Where there's a mirror, there's a way! :-)


Shazza Nakim said...

I enjoyed your Blog that I spent quite awhile just taking it all in. As a writer, photographer, graphic artist, I appriciate the work and detail of your work.

Snapping in Appreciation and Ovation.

Bernie said...

A technical question.

I'm assuming you're using a digital camera as opposed to film. If so, is the process of shooting in b&w different than if you had shot in color digitally but converted them to b&w after uploading?

I know color vs b&w film involves lighting and exposure considerations that make simply processing color film into b&w images not as preferable as shooting in b&w from the start. I just wondered if the same was true in digital format.

Ocean said...

You are correct in sense. The digital medium makes it so that images can be converted from color to b/w, and given the right lighting situations or photoshop post-production this can be done with success. Shooting color vs. black/white is an aesthetic choice. In this case, i figured everyone would be shooting color, so i went with b/w, though with some post-production and better lighting condition in the store, the images would have "popped" more.

Ocean said...

Thanks for checking out my blog and for your kind words about my work! By all means, do come back and feel free to post comments about my photography!

EpiphanyNoir said...

This is awesome!!! I love the B&W!! Your a master of the camera! Do you use CS3, cause the conversion for B&W is so good in CS3 and your pics look perfect from a contrast perspective. Anyways and as always I live in NY vicariously through you!

Ocean said...

yo, Chris, not a master yet but thanks 4 the love my brotha! I actually am using CS2 and a Canon 20D! I know, I know...but hey, I can still get the job done! :-)