Friday, February 06, 2009

Recent images Jan 2009

I've been recovering during this past week from a hundred-pound- head-cold-sinus-congestion-blah-ness. It's so frickin' cold !! I'm over winter already!! OK< I won't complain, and BALANCE is in order. After clearing off my neglected CF card, I found the balance I needed in my images. It's the least i can do anyway, 'cause during the winter months my shoot count goes way down. Nevertheless, I manage to pull out my camera, to remind myself of why I enjoy taking photographs... It feeds my soul.

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Cemetary entrance on a snowy day from K's window.

White smoke invading the street from Duane Reade.


Untitled 2PAC.

President Obama and Journalist Robin Roberts (screen shot), the night of the Inauguration.

Light, shadow and blur.

Still Life

Wolf eye

Light and Shadow

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Mr. Jones said...

Great pics.