Saturday, April 04, 2009

Abstractions in nature and life

When it comes to photography, it seems there is no limit to what I'll photograph. I also notice I go through periods where my "eye" and heart resonate and become in sync with different aspects of beauty and mystery in life.

I first began shooting seriously in 2001 and over the years, my subject matter has varied as greatly as the notrtheastern climate. I find myself these days paying attention to detail and wanting to convey a message, a thought, or a meditation through these images in mostly an abstract way. This period started a month ago, when I became inspired by the work and life of the famous American painter, Jackson Pollack. I sought to interpret all these feelings, and his work into photographic images, which did not mimic, but was greatly influenced by.

I really understand better the connection between painting and photography, and how both mediums influence each other. While I haven't abondoned my favorite genre of photogrphy which is Photojournalism, I am enjoying the process of exploring and expressing myself and my life through photography in an abstract way. Just as there is no one way of speaking English, as a result of culture, 'isms, environment, and accent, there are different dialects in which we communicate to one another to gain understanding and to convey messages. This is how deep my Ebonics goes. Sometimes I don't know immediately what I'm saying until I'm much further down the road. :-) Enjoy the journey!


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