Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cell Phone Capture

This month marks the first time I've owned a cell phone with a camera! I upgraded my jalopy of a cell phone to a Blackberry Curve. A phone with a camera? Now I'm REALLY in trouble! :-) Here are some random shots of simplicity. Click any image to enlarge. Enjoy!

young muslim boy

building, light, shadow

untitled door, cynder blocks, light and shadow

folk, just chillin'

laundromat play

fire escape light and shadow

we move your life

uptown street scape

floating smiley face

three bicycle wheels

urban renewal

view from St. Nicholas park, Harlem

brotha's, we must turn the corner...



D-Place said...

great pictures!

DeAngela said...

Love the shot from of the
view from St. Nicholas park. Hope you continue to have lots of fun with your cell phone camera. It's addicting. lol.

m_pixel said...

Nice! Better resolution that I would have expected from a cell phone camera. I particlularly like the two boys in the laundromat, "We mover your life," and the view from St. Nicholas Park.

m_pixel said...