Sunday, November 15, 2009

Andrea Fairweather and Eddie Bailey Wedding photos in black and white

Post-wedding shoot in DUMBO. Brooklyn.

A few images to reminisce on the beautiful day of Andrea and Eddie's wedding. I'm still full of pride for Andrea for finally meeting the man of her dreams, Eddie Bailey. And there is nothing short of cosmic that Andrea and I go back to the second grade, and I end up,so many years later, photographing her on her wedding day.

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As Eddie puts it: "These are very Sex and the City!"

Eddie waiting for Andrea to show up at the church for their wedding.

Andrea pulls up to the church ready to get married!

The cover of italian Vogue Brides.

Andrea and Eddie moving from wedding to reception.

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Wonderful captures. As someone who is intimidated by wedding photography, I admire anyone who can pull it off. You've done a great job. Props to you, bruh.