Saturday, April 10, 2010

Travel Log #2: Cruise trip to Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, Dominican Republic and Haiti.

More pics from my cruise vacation...Enjoy!

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship, docked in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Samanna, Dominican Republic

Horseback riding through the mountainous rain forest.

Tito, my horse and Sita, my escort.

Swimming in some deep water under the waterfall.

Dominican buddies

Young Dominican couple

Labadee, Haiti.

It was refreshing to hear from Haitians in Labadee, that they are well provided for with good paying jobs from the Royal Caribbean Company. By Haitian standards, this is a very cushy job, because having a job with this large, privately owned company garners respect, as well as incentives like a Visa and other standard employment benefits. Shortly after the earthquake hit Port-au-Prince (which is about 120 miles south of Labadee), Royal Caribbean distributed food and built water main's , delivering fresh water to Labadee, it's neighbor Cap-Haitian and beyond.

Labadee is a truly beautiful place which reminded me of of Haiti when I was there as a kid. It also gave me hope for Haiti reclaiming her glory. For Haitians, there is much to be proud of, and I never want to lose sight of that.

Coconut Tree

Beach views

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

I love the architecture in Old San Juan, and the color palette used on the facades definitely let you know you're in the caribbean!

Cigar Roller, San Juan

Interior architecture, San Juan's first prison converted to a restaurant. Now THAT's vision!

Caribbean Sky

Waterfall in Sammana, Dominican Republic.


Bahati Myhelatu Ansari said...

Powerful,majestic,beautiful, thanks.


What a fantastic journey you went on. Your photos are an excellent document of your travels. Beautiful stuff.