Friday, December 24, 2010

Blue No More: The demise of the little blue shack at 148th St. and St. Nicholas Ave.

WOW, I was shocked to see the little blue shack which stood for years near the corner of 148th and St. Nicholas Ave in Harlem, laid out on the ground in a pile of burnt out mess, an apparent victim of arson.

I had just photographed this shack back only five months ago. As a recent Brooklyn transplant, I always take notice of it. I always found the little shack full of mystery, and the turquoise blue color reminded me of the Caribbean Sea...certainly worthy of being immortalized as art. Most locals ignored it altogether as they made their way back and forth to the subway station around the corner.

Here's the scene which was blocked off with yellow tape, awaiting the Fire Marshall's arrival.

Still, amongst the rubble, I found interest in these drawers which provided the answer to the puzzle: The little blue shack used to be shoe-shine spot!

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