Thursday, May 26, 2011

Elements of Vogue

Ballroom culture is a subculture of the LGBT community that I'm glad exists for youth as an outlet of creative expression and family. The ballroom "kids" walk a catwalk, "battle" and compete for trophies in different categories, presenting fashion ranging from urban wear to haute couture, drag (male to female as well as female to male) "realness", and social class. "Walking" involves a combination of modeling, vogueing, acrobatics and martial arts. And quite often, the battles are fierce!

Many ballroom "kids" have joined "houses" (families) not for trophies, but for the support and guidance that they no longer have from their primary parents. Many are homeless and have no one to turn to but the streets.

Today, I'm giving props to all the ballroom kids and legends past and present, for SURVIVING on your own terms, in your own skin, and with chosen family.

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