Friday, July 06, 2012

What a difference a year makes

I wanted some images taken of me (besides creating self-portraits ), to commemorate the one year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis and to celebrate being cancer (and chemo) free. Photographer and friend Carl Merkin photographed me in Washington Square Park. (I can now say I've been shot with a Leica :))

Four months since my final chemotherapy and my hair is growing back too! It's not my dreadlocks, but I kinda like whatever it's doing. :)

I wanted to include my friend and fellow warrior Mohammad Ayan, who that very morning transitioned to another world.
It feels good to be cancer free, and to see myself smiling. This very time last year, I was in a very dark place. 


Thomas said...

As grievous an ordeal as it has been, you must have gained tremendous strength and insight. Unfortunately it is only in moments of severe test and trial that our spirit emergesand our character evolves. Peace to your friend, Mohamed!

Ocean Morisset said...

yes, you're right about that Thomas. There are many life lesson's that came out of my cancer journey. In that sense, cancer was a blessing, I suppose. My third eye is wide open! :)