Saturday, July 30, 2005

"Pride" In The City?

With Pride In The City (the other Black Gay Pride in New York City) just a week away, I got to thinking about what I had to be proud of in being black and gay. Well, I've been in a long term relationship (now single), and shared my life (quite successfully) with another brotha. We had house, home, dog, car and the whole nine. The american dream for some, for others could probably care less. Still, I am proud of these accomplishments I've made.
I was thinking about 'Black Prides' in the years past and wondered out of the hundreds of men of color that gather for the weekend full of activities (mostly parties), how many of them were truly proud to be black and gay? How many were even "out"? Can you truly be proud while remaining invisible?

I'm just curious, are you proud to be black and gay?
Will you be attending any Pride in the City events? If so, which one's?

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