Sunday, October 16, 2005

"Fruit of Islam Security Officer, Million More Movement, 2005

The Fruit of Islam is the Nation of Islam's official security force, better known as its paramilitary wing. In 1992, William/Abdul Sharieff Muhammad, "Supreme Captain" of the Fruit of Islam, told the Final Call, official newsletter of the NOI, "We have a military structure that we train our men into." This 'structure' provides security at all major NOI functions, guards Minister Farrakhan's mansion and also provides personal security to the Minister at his frequent public appearances, including his weekly appearance at the Mosque Maryam, the NOI's main mosque in Chicago.

In addition to the Fruit of Islam security corps, it is alleged that the NOI controls a highly organized security empire comprising some eight different businesses, responsible for patrolling state-funded housing projects.

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