Monday, October 16, 2006

New York City Hall Press Conference for Michael Sandy

A few images from the press conference for Michael Sandy held in New York City today.

Michael Roebson of People of Color in Crisis, Inc.

Toakes Osubu, Executive Director of Gay Men of African Descent.

Keith Boykin of the National Black Justice Coalition

Councilwoman-Elect Yvette Clarke

International Entertainer Kevin Aviance, recently recovered from his own gay-bashing incident.

Group against the beautiful City Hall building.

Bishop Zachary Jones of Unity Fellowship Church.


Anonymous said...

Ocean, I so appreciate that you document our lifes by providing wonderful images of the good times, the bad and the everyday.

I also want to say, you have a masterful eye and I love your work and could view it for hours, it's pure zen. Thanks for sharing your gift.


Ocean said...

Thanks for your kind words about my work Larr! I really appreciate it and gald that you are moved by the images. Keep coming back! :-)

See you soon ;-)