Sunday, October 08, 2006

Random select photos taken over the last few months

Central Park Oct.2006. Since Central Park is in my backyard (from my day job), I've taken it upon myself to document the change of seasons beginning with these photos. These two photos are of one of my favorite ponds in the park ( around 101st. & Central Park West). This is what I see on my way home.

Prospect Park Boathouse. Brooklyn, NY. August 2006.

Franklin Avenue Shuttle Train Station corridor

09-11-01. Five years later

New entrance to the New Jersey Path Train at Ground Zero, NYC.

9/11 Memorial

A family misses their Andrea. Ground Zero frames the background of this portrait.

Members of the PAC Theater group striking up a pose at the end of the number. Dillon's, NYC. Sept. 2006

PAC Theater Group performer.

Pier Friends. October. After I took this shot, I turned my digital cameras LCD screen on to show what I had captured. The beauty in the striped shirt gently put a hand on her stubbled face and exclaimed: "Oh my God, I DO look like a girl!"

I just love the juxtaposition between the motion of the train and the stillness of the brotha watching it speed into the station. Simple things bring me joy. :-)

International Club Diva Kevin Aviance performs for a crowd at Pride in the City beach party. It was great to see Kevin back at work after recovering from his injuries, as a result of a gay-bashing incident.

I love this photo I call " The Bacardi Dance". :-) 2006 Pride in the City--on the dancefloor.

I try to capture as many black male sgl couples as I can. Images of brothas in relationships are rarely seen. The beach party at Pride in the City afforded me the opportunity to photograph black sgl and lesbian couples' tenderness and love.

Obviously in Love. :-)

Hot body contestant. A bold outfit, but I was proud of him for wearing what made him feel "real" and "sexy". To thine own self be true!

Love...Just Love.

Love, Pride and Tenderness.


EpiphanyNoir said...

I allways feel like I should be living in NY, each and everytime I go I feel completely at home. But I dont and there fore coming to your blog just gives me that shot I need between visits. The pics of the park are awesome and i love your nature oriented stuff, but its the pride pics and the one of the subway that totally make me feel home sick for a home I have never lived in! Awesome!

Ocean said...

Thanks for your're kind words Chris! I'm so happy you are moved by the photos. New York is indeed a special place!

Joseph said...

Great shots!

you should update your portfolio. *hint, hint*

Ocean said...

so what are you suggesting Joseph? hmmmmm? :-)