Sunday, May 17, 2009

From the lot: Recent images, May 2009

There are times when I shoot many different subjects before cleaning of my compact flash card. Call it lazy , if you will, but I tell you, the administrative part of photography is a bytch! Files, folders, boxes, tags, keywords, copyright, arrggggh! I can never catch up! As maddening as it is, I like to review and work on the images that have captured my eye, particularly after a little time passes. Most times, I have a clearer perspective of and understanding of what my photographic intention was, but to be quite honest, sometimes I don't have clue!

In any event, posted below are a hodge-podge of images, taken over the course of a week or so. Enjoy!

Faces at the YELLOW Photography Exhibition



Lacy and Ocean

K and Michele

Little girl in yellow


Brian and Ocean

Michele and Pavan I

Michele and Pavan II

Friends re-connect after not seeing each other for over twenty years.

Man stares into space, dog nibbles a treat, and girl wonders.

Simple joy



Plant and CD's


Brown Paper bag (FGPO project)

Brooklyn Bridge view from the Manhattan bridge.

City traffic from the Manhattan Bridge (walking to Chinatown).

Rug, light and shadow

Abstraction I

Abstraction II

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