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Santa Fe, New Mexico Apr-May 2009

The City of Santa Fe, New Mexico was originally occupied by a number of Pueblo Indian villages with founding dates between 1050 to 1150, thus making it the oldest capital city in the United States.

The old soul in me has always been drawn to the energy of the southwest particularly by Sante Fe, New Mexico. My first experience in the Southwest was Sedona, Arizona in 2004, a year when I began a life's transformation, cleansing, rejuvenation and soul-searching mission. I had always heard, even by folks living in Sedona (particularly the older hippies) that Santa Fe, New Mexico was a very special place. This year, my partner (who has also experienced a pull to the southwest), and a good friend, headed out west for a much needed break from the grind . The change of scenery and pace did me real well. I was able to

of the demands placed on me daily by folks on the job, and to LETgO of the haters who attempt to dim my light, whether knowingly or not. LETgo was the theme of the trip and so I was able to totally immerse myself into the peaceful state which I was seduced into by the beauty, charm and friendliness of this southwestern city. Five days and 300 shots later, I present for your viewing pleasure some edits of photos which I've grouped into series. This series focuses on the architecture of Santa Fe. Check back next week for other shots from the charming and picturesque city of Santa Fe, New Mexico. ENJOY!

Click on any image to experience the vivid color of Santa Fe!

San Miguel is the oldest church structure in the United States. The original adobe walls and alter were buily by Tlaxcalan Indians from Mexico under the direction of Franciscan Padres. ca. 1610

Front view, San Miguel church. I had a nice prayer moment here.

The title of oldest house in the United States of America built by a European is claimed by the owners of a structure located at 215 East De Vargas Street on the eastern side of Old Santa Fe Trail in Santa Fe, New Mexico within the Barrio De Analco Historic District. The house was supposedly built around 1646. Photo ca. 1885.

My rendering of the same structure, from the right side.

Other beautiful architecture included some of these

I always loved adobe houses. This architectural style is a big part of what makes Santa Fe such a unique and charming city.

Doors were another unique feature that added charm and character to many of the homes and businesses. The color blue used primarily on doors and window frames represent an inviting energy, a welcome, and some say to word off evil spirits. I've heard varying stories that the use of the color blue was first used by blacks in Albuquerque, and others that it comes from the Mediterranean. Whatever the case, the turqoise-royal-indigo blue colors that are seen on many entry doors and window frames are beautiful contrasts to the rust adobe color in particular .

Not a door, but I just love these colors together!

The beautiful condo that we called home while in Santa Fe.

Check back next week for more images from my trip to Santa Fe!

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Bahati Myhelatu Ansari said...

Absolutely beautiful and spiritual. That's one of the reasons I moved to New Mexico.
I am organizing African & Native American Rodeo April 16-18 in Los Lunes , NM.