Thursday, August 06, 2009

Games and Rides...Good times at Coney Island, 2009

...continued from the Coney Island series, 2009.

Waiting on line for the Wonder Wheel.

Faceless couple in an embrace at the Wonder Wheel.

The Wonder Wheel, Coney Island.

Boys aboard the Polar Bear Express, a Coney Island favorite.

My favorite game in Coney Island since I was a kid. Aim and fire the water gun into the clowns mouth, which inflates the attached ballon. First one that pops wins. I like how the baby in the background is hanging in there too!

"Play it Your way"...the nerve-racking quarter game.

Big stuffed prizes await the winner of the Horse Race.

I remember riding these plastic motorcycles chasing and dogding on the moving screen.

Ambivalence about challenging the mechanical arm wrestler.

Freefall, free kids.

Father makes sure his son is prepared to fly.

They don't touch you, do they???", asked this tense woman as she got strapped in for a ride through the Coney Island Haunted House.

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