Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Not because...but...

not because I AM
but because you were

not because i live
but because you fear

not because i fly
but because u creep
(or crept)

not because i see
but because you can't
(or won't)

not because of reality
but because of perception

not because of my light
but because of your shadow

not because i'm free
but because ur not

not because i live
but because u exist

not because my life is dictated by people who mean nothing to me
but because yours is

not because i've seen
but because you remembered

not because i'm "right"
but because I'm honest

not because i'm told
but because I believe

not because of you
but because of me.


EpiphanyNoir said...

you write this? I really get it... but what were you feeling when you wrote it?

Ocean Morisset said...

yeah i wrote this...it sort of just came to me as a gift from spirit, but inspired by feelings of being judged and misunderstood by a friend. Just venting really...

Lance Romance said...

OMG! I love this poem not because I love the man who wrote it but because when I read it my spirit touches his spirit. Keep on sharing beautiful brother.

Ocean Morisset said...

Thanks for the love Lance!! I'm glad you feel it!