Thursday, August 25, 2011

Round 3 Chemotherapy--The Experience.

I decided to shoot some self-portraits using my MacBook's Photo Booth camera since I was so bored and tense with the chemotherapy process. I was bored because, getting hooked up to chemo is pretty a mundane experience, but I was tense because I was getting chemo and anticipated old, or new side-effects. My dad and my sister joined me because baby had to go to work today. Their company was great and it did alleviate my tension once they came in about an hour into my treatment.

I was put into a room with a woman who was already being infused and asleep... she looked like she had been that way for a few hours. My family had to wait in the waiting area till this other patient left before they were allowed to coming in the room and chill with me.

All in all, everything went smoothly this time around. I didn't experience any side effects at all that I had experienced in the past; the extreme chills, the nausea, or even extreme fatigue. Four hours into it, I hadn't experienced any nausea or GI upset. This was actually the first treatment that went so completely smooth that I wondered if I got a placebo instead of the real deal. I was pleased. I was even more pleased that I could exercise my creativity with my laptop's camera and shoot self-portrais and continue the ongoing process of documenting myself while on this journey through Cancer.

I FEEL GOOD. I hope to feel just as good, if not better for the next few days where the after-efects of chemo tend to creep up and make me feel miserably sick. I won't focus on that. I will remain in the moment, and enjoy the good feeling of NOW. Today's round 3 chemotherapy really turned out to be great. And because of that, my eyes, heart and spirit are all very clear of my blessings, and the guiding force that protects me. THANK YOU!!!!

The all-powerful chemotherapy drugs in pre-filled syringes ready to be administered to me.

I'm gonna knock cancer's ass out!

A smile always come to my face when I speak with baby on the phone.

My IV tubing being used an important prop for the shot.

The chemotherapy drug Adriamycin is being slowly "pushed" into the IV line.

My catheter is all hooked up in my chest, right over my tattoo, receiving chemotherapy drugs intravenously.

(CONTINUE ON through 'older posts' at the bottom, if you're just joining me on my journey...)


bronzebilly said...

Boy oh Boy Ocean you are a fighter indeed,and I'm in your corner hero...!!! Billy...

Ocean Morisset said...

Thanks Billy! i appreciate it bro!


Laurence said...

You are so beautiful. Love you Ocean.

Anonymous said...

thanks Ocean i love those pics
one thing that strikes me is your composure another is your amazing beauty you are truly beautiful with or without locks

stephen B

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your journey in treatment. As a cancer survivor, I admire your courage and your determination - qualities you will need to win this battle.
I'll be praying for you, and I look forward to meeting you at some point.
Charles Gilmore

Ocean Morisset said...

Thank you guys for joining me on my journey, and thanks for the well wishes! I really appreciate it! Peace!