Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Messages from friends

"ur my inspiration bro. i love how you're soaring. everytime i get the urge to complain about something that is not right in my life, i think of you and how you manage to hold your faith and to find beauty, courage, grace as portrayed in your images. even in facing such great adversity as cancer, you are not afraid to look him in the eyes, keeping your stance as a fire angel warrior. may ur day be blissfull bro."
--Modupe Olufunmi (Facebook)

Ocean sharing his experience is shinning a light in an area that many people lock down and retreat into themselves as personal and private. By doing so, he is letting everyone know that a person dealing with cancer or any illness affects all those people he knows, and who know him, directly or indirectly; that within the context of a human family and the construct of a village, one person's illness has a direct effect on each of us, and for others like him to know that we all share in the daily struggle, we all feel the pain, and we all are there to support, that each person need not feel alone, ashamed or abandoned.
--Antoine Craigwell (Facebook)

I have always drawn inspiration and great pride from Ocean’s artistry, Now, I draw inspiration and great pride from Ocean’s struggle with cancer and his amazing strength and determination. We, as a community must demonstrate our support for one of our own. Ocean Morisset deserves all of our thoughts, our prayers, our hope and our love. Thanks for this post!
--Stephen Maglott (Facebook)

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