Monday, November 14, 2011

Message to me and you

To give, receive.
be the wet, fertile valley
That rivers of life flow through.
The full will be emptied
The empty, filled.
So be empty, that you may be filled.

The greatest healer shares all
And becomes yet greater.
One who wants to be healed
Must become a healer.
And one who wants to be a healer
Must first seek healing;
Suffering gains meaning only when
And healing is meaningless
Until it is shared.

To receive, give.

--Haven Trevino, The Tao of Healing


Turenne said...

Thank you for this message.
It enlightens me in this very particular moment of my life. It is a reminder that brings up clarity to what I already know but seems to be way under a pile of excuses and faded reminiscent memories pulling me away from bare simple truth. Bare simple truth like this Message to me and you...
Keep it up... Give and Receive...
Stay in the rythm of this dance...

Thomas said...

A stunning reminder of the simplicity inherent in life that we so often forget in the rush and heat of life. Thanks for sharing!