Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Eleven things I've learned from Whitney Houston's death

1. Having fame, money and personal success doesn't guarantee peace or happiness.

2. Live every day like it's my last.

3. Examine the choices I make in life. If something is not working for me, it's time to introduce change.

4. It's ok to pause, self-reflect, and take inventory. Not everyone is going to "love" me, but I will most certainly love myself.

5. My happiness will not be dependent on another person.

6. Realize what personal influence I might have on people's lives and be careful how I wield such power.

7. Think about what I'd like my legacy to be and work towards creating it daily.

8. Own up to my failures as much as I do with my successes.

9. An "entourage" is not the same as "friends", or people who "got my back."

10. Remember what I'm made of. Know that whatever adversity I face, I have everything in me to overcome it.

11. It's ok to stop wearing the "mask."

RIP Whitney Elizabeth Houston Aug 9, 1963- February 11, 2012


thegayte-keeper said...

ALL things we should be mindful of!

dance4everDANSE said...

In this post Brothaluva, you are like a mirror... I hope you dance...

Ocean Morisset said...

thanks my brotha's!