Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Letter from Blackkat, American Leatherman 2005


First, let me just let folks know: the correct link is You musta been really tired from partying this past weekend when you typed it...LOL!!!

Now, let me thank you! Seeing the pix reminded me of how incredible this past weekend was for my Spirit! I have spent the last few months at more leather events than I ever thought I would attend in my lifetime...and all I can ask myself is, "where are the Black folks?" And, when I see them I ask, "how come they don't seem to wanna talk to or be with other Black folks?" Well, on Saturday I found out where they all were the park for PRIDE IN THE CITY!!! I will admit I was a bit reluctant to attend since it moved from my neighborhood...and me and the boi were tired (I had an all day client on Friday and a meeting Saturday morning...and he spent all day and night Friday doing his first TV appearance..."The Sopranos")...but once we got there and started to set up the table I knew I was home! By the high of the day it was hundreds of Bruthas and Sistahs united in love!!! And all I kept hearing before the event was...""Well, you know we ain't into leather, so don't expect too much activity." BULLSHIT!!! The response we got from folks...straight and gay...was phenomenal!!! It is just unfortunate that more Leatherbruthas were not there representin'...but me and the boi held it down!!! Saturday felt so dayum good I took myself to Soul Summit on Sunday for more!!! I got over 100 pix from the weekend; they will go up on the September issue of

Lastly, I just want to publically acknowledge you for everything you are doing for the community! You were one of the folks who donated cash when I I share my sash with you. The pic you donated of me and the boi for SAFER + SANER, our safer sex camapaign, leaves everyone speechless! Your work with Gay City News to bring more focus to issues facing the Black gay commuinty (including the Rashawn Brazell murder) has moved the publication from talk to action! Your continued support of almost every Black gay organization in NYC is incredible! When I met you I just thought you were a cute mf...I had know idea of your talents or your commitment to the cause; it is an honor to call you Brutha!!!

In love and leather,
American Leatherman 2005

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