Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Response letter to Blackkat, American Leatherman 2005


It's an honor and thanks for your beautiful words and spirit. My work in the community began when I was first a member, then a board member of POCC in 1992. I am a member of the black gay community and love my brothas and sistahs. It is my honor and duty to document our history. Photography is my chosen medium, and through photojournalism I want to record the stories, events, and moments that are reflective of our community, and give voice to those that might not be heard otherwise.

I had BLAST this weekend at PRIDE IN THE CITY! It wasn't all work, and the highlight for me was running into my first true love (I was 16, he was 22?) at the Pride in the City beach party. Funny, I was so shocked, i didn't even take a photo of him, but we're hanging out for dinner and drinks in Williamsburgh tomorrow. Yes indeed, it was a weekend to remember! I'm happy to say that myself, and my best friend Bill were the last one's off the beach at 11:45pm. Soaking up final moments and whiffs of hot bodies drifting through the cool, salty air...

I hope everyone enjoys the images that appear at (thanks for providing the correct link). I photograph from my heart and place myself in every image I take. I also wanted to give a wider perspective of Pride in the City (the other Black Pride), other than the usual muscle boys, and skimpy beach outfits. For me, Pride in the City was about family, friends, community and love.


Ocean "bernard" Morisset

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