Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Pride in the City 2005

(Yawn) It's nearly 4am and I'm feeling energized and exhausted at the same time. Covering Pride in the City (NYC's other Black Gay Pride) events for various media from Thursday through Sunday was no joke! I've been up all night editing photos with one eye open, and one eye closed.I did manage to have a good time as well. I seem to have a knack for balance. :-)
It' too late and i'm too tired to get into details about the weekends events. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Maybe I'll blog it in the coming days and weeks. So much went on, that i'm still processing! I'll just say that Pride in the City was great this year, and thanks to my press pass, I got ACCESS. I got some great shots throughout the course of the weekend (see below). I'll be adding more photos in the coming days and weeks. Any feedback and comments are welcome and greatly appreciated! All photographs are copyright 2005 Ocean "bernard Morisset Photography. All rights reserved.

What's your favorite photo?

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