Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Gallery Mix 2006

A random sample of images I've taken in the last few weeks. Most people know me for my photojournalism or fine art male nude work, but truth be told, I photograph anything that captures my senses and reflects my mood. Still, I'm always trying to say something through my photography. Just what that is, I'm not totally sure sometimes. LOL! Anyway, enjoy the photos!

"Flower detail", 2006

"Stoop detail", Chelsea, NYC 2006

"Brooklyn fire escape", 2006

"Red laser installation and street reflection", Chelsea, NYC 2006

"Can collector making an honest living", Greenewhich Village 2006

"Dusk", 2006

"Long Island Railroad roaring down the EL", Brooklyn 2006

"Puerto Rican flag waving in the night", Brooklyn 2006

"Wet, rusty chain", Jeffersonville, NY 2005

"Brooklyn Bridge on the verge of a nervous breakdown", 2006

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