Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Inside the beautiful Riverside Church in NYC during the funeral services for the legendary American photographer Gordon Parks.

The Rev. Dr. James A. Forbes, Senior Minister at Riverside Church, NYC led the funeral service for Gordon Parks.

Church detail

Longtime Parks friend (and CNN Anderson Cooper's mom) Gloria Vanderbilt spoke about how she held Gordon Parks' hand in his final days and sang Frank Sinatra's 'Dancing in the Dark' to him.

Former NYC Mayor David Dinkins fought back tears as he eulogized the man he called "larger than life".

Actor Avery Brooks spoke fondly of Gordon Parks in his signature barritone voice

Yours truly in a self-portrait waiting on the Press line to gain access to the church.

Richard Roundtree, who played the tough yet cool detective John Shaft in the iconic 1971 film "Shaft", directed by Gordon Parks said of the funeral, "It was a classy sendoff. I was happy to witness it."

Two Pallbearers embrace after the funeral

Up close and personal with rocker Lenny Kravitz, one of the many celebrities at the funeral

Toni Parks, Gordon's daughter

Exterior view of Riverside Church on the picture perfect day of Gordon Parks' funeral, NYC

Two photographers pose for photos after the service on a very windy day. When you think about it, what good is a veil if you don't have the wind to sweep it up high into the air!

After the service, more than 100 black photographers gathered on the steps of Grants Tomb for a group photo in tribute to Gordon Parks. I was in some of the shots, but qute frankly was more interested in getting photos of everything else happening around us. Ever try to gather a hundred photographers for a group photo? Ugh! What a challenge!

Farewell to the great Renaissance man Gordon Parks.


Aaron Coleman said...

Great piece, great coverage, great fortunate you were in attendance. Gordon Parks is a national treasure. Aaron

Leontyne's Child said...

It's a beautiful thing when we can come together, but even moreso when we can come together to pay homage to a person who spent his life enriching ours. He was a true artist.

EpiphanyNoir said...

Awesome images.... seems fitting that you were there with a camera... He certainly lead the way for so many... Is there away I can get a larger copy of the one with all the photographers... what an amazing moment!