Saturday, June 23, 2007

Always be aware of the beauty that surrounds you

Recent images on my way home from work, on a day where life just seemed so perfect. Central Park, NYC June 2007. The blur effect is from my lensbaby, a lens that I can actually bend and flex--no computer manipulation here! Click to enlarge--the images just look better!


JL said...

As a Professional Photographer here in the South, I would like to commend you on your exceptionally excellent work.
I would be interested in finding out what type of camera and lensbaby you use for such work.
Great job and keep up the good work.
Oh and by the way, next time you get a chance, stop by Unity Fellowship Church in Brooklyn, you will discover some very interesting shots to be taken there.

Ocean said...

Hey JL,

Thanks for the compliment about my photography! For this particular work I used a Canon 20D and a lensbaby. But you know what they say..."it's not the camera, it's the eye". ;-)

I plan on Visiting the "Men's Day" at Unity Fellowship. Thanks!