Saturday, June 30, 2007

Gone on Vacation!

I feel as grimy and dirty as the window in this reflective self-portrait. I FEEL out-of-focus, burned-out, and my body is sore. My best friend Bill is back in the hospital and emotionally, it's taking a toll on me. I want him to get better and fast, but healing is a process, so I have to be patient. I have every faith and confidence that he will bounce back.
Tomorrow I'll be headed to the Pocono Mountains for a week with my friend Tony and his family. I need to de-stress. I'm so ready for vacation (especially one in nature) I dont know what to do with myself. I guess I should go pack! :-)

Check back next week for shots from the Poconos! HAPPY 4TH!

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Anonymous said...

Bill, William as I always called him. Was a very caring and giving Man. He will be missed by me, alot. There don't seem to be enough words to express the emptiness I will feel with his passing.I know Willam is out somewhere taking new pictures of things the rest of us have yet to see. I will miss you my New York friend.
Much Love Keith Pickett-Your LA Freind