Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fire 'round the way

i was walking home from the train station last week and saw all this firetruck activity. Naturally, I pulled out my camera (which had my lensbaby affixed to it), and began snapping, almost blindly, without even knowing what was really going on. Fortunately, the fire turned out to be a false alarm, or a small one, I'm not even sure. Oh well, no one was hurt, that's what's important. Still, there was all this red color popping in the darkness of night. Flashing red lights. A misty rain began to fall, and added the perfect mystique to the night. Since my lensbaby was on the camera, I decided to go for something a little more abstract. I always aim to tell the story of whatevers happening, that's what photojournalism is, but to some degree, I looked at this as creating fine art because of the color, mood, and compositions, which certainly contribute to the ability for a photo to communicate a message or document an event. And with all of that, I also felt something very homoerotic about the whole scene. I'm not sure if it was the firemen's uniforms or how they handled the hose. Whatever the case may be, I infused lots of sensuality into these images! Enjoy!

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