Monday, July 30, 2007

Adodi Retreat 2007

Out of the six hundred and ten photos I snapped at this year's Adodi Retreat, the first one below would be sufficient enough to tell the whole story of the Adodi Retreat as I experienced it. Brotherhood. The brotherhood shared, coupled with the serene, landscaped property of the black-owned Pocono Hillside ( Inn provided me (and ninety other SGL men of color) a weekend of infinite beauty and peace.

These few photos below reflect the warmth, love and spirituality of the weekend. Open your heart as I did when I shot these pictures. Tell me what you feel...

Thanks for a great retreat!
--Ocean & Bill

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Will said...

I am sorry I did not attend. I have attended many retreats in the past and I heard many great things about it. I am glad you took some photos. Looks nice.