Saturday, July 21, 2007

BMX and GMAD Unite For a Night of Poetry

On Friday night in a show of unity, BMX-NY (Black Men's Xchange) held their meeting at GMAD (Gay Men of African Descent) in Harlem, NY for a night that was billed as a "Youth Poetry Slam". With about forty brothers and a sprinkling of sisters present, it was clear to me that black sgl men from different organizations and walks of life can come together to celebrate our own, and honor our youth, withoutout animosity and a clashing of organizational missions. This is how we build community. I was happy to be one amongst many.

Though this was a Youth Poetry Slam, the floor was open to men of ALL ages, who wanted to read prepared work, freestyle, or read the work of established poets. While nerves got the best of a couple of poets, all those who went up read moving and passionate work that spoke of love, ambition, and hope. The young brothers especially captured the audiences ear and hearts, and they are to be congratulated for fine performances. The youth are our future, and judging by the caliber of talent on this evening, I know our lives will not be ignored. Whether through the arts, business, or other positive ventures, these young brothers and many others will let the world know that we lived and we loved.

Below are some highlights in pictures from the GMAD Youth Poetry Slam. I didn't get the names of all the poets, so if anyone has them, post them to me and I'll insert it. Enjoy!

A straight-identified poet.

Author Ken Jones

John T. Brown

Mesmerized audience members listen on

Poet "Juicy" and GMAD Youth Director Kyle Doyle

Tommy Thompson


Audience members


Anthony Jenkins

Applause for Anthony


William Santos

Applause for William

The winners of the $100, $50, and door prize.

Winners congratulate each other

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