Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bill Harmon Sci-Fi Inspired Self-Portraits

It's been 12 days since Bill's Transition. It's been an incredible 12 days. Ran into a lot of red tape with trying to get Bill's body cremated as he wished. But with the help of friends with connections and the combined power of the love we had for him, the Medical Examiner granted us our wish, and he signed off on the cremation. Bill's body is now in ashes, but his soul inhabits mine. Tomorrow, we're picking up his cremains. Planning for Bill's services are underway.

Bill is with me and I feel him everyday. i am moved by the outpouring of support by my friends and even Bill's friends and co-workers whom I never met. Who knew he had a life?! We were almost always together...hmph. The memories. Very sweet memories. I will always remember the beauty of the life Bill and I shared. He was my best friend in the entire world, and I miss him so very much. But I know that when I need to call on him, he will always be there for me.

As a photoartist, Bill took so many images, some of which he experimented with manipulation in post-production. It will take me a lifetime to go through them all! Then I'll need another lifetime to go through mine! LOL. Bill LOVED to watch TV and was a hard-core Sci-Fi fan. His favorite show was Farscape. Below are a few self-portraits from a series Bill did this year, around a time he was doing chemotherapy every two weeks. This work is clearly inspired by Sci-Fi, with the exception of the last image which is inspired by Andy Warhol. Enjoy, and remember...

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