Sunday, July 31, 2005

I LOVE New York!

I love to explore parts of the city with a tourists eye. Even though I've lived in Brooklyn all my life, I never take for granted the stunning beauty that city has to offer.

SoHo Archtecture, 2005

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Trust the Process

As a freelance artist and as a spiritual being, I've been told by many to "Trust the Process". Making the choice to live my life independently (I left the business world to pursue my creativity), lurching myself into the field of uncertainty has it's merits, but damn, sometimes it's a bitch! The ebb and flow of emotions and finances is exhausting. The "process" is altogether frightening and exhilerating. Living my most authentic life and cultivating new relationships has me feeling spiritually "full". Many of my friends in Corporate America don't understand this. "Spiritually full? Do you know the Dow went up 6 points today"?, I imagine some of them saying. Nevertheless I move onward and upward. Every small opportunity presents a bigger one, and I believe that.

The other day, I picked up a book from the EAST/WEST Bookstore on 5th ave. in Manhattan called "Trust the Process", An Artists Guide to Letting Go by Shaun Mcniff. I only had to open up to the table of contents b4 the book was singing to me. Singing sweet songs of affirmation and strength. During this period of uncertainty, self-doubt and other emotional artist dramas, it was just the type of pick-me-up that I needed. It's the type of book where practically every sentence assures me that I am on the path, and yes, this is the process. Living a creative life has as much to do with the 'downs' as well as the 'ups', the dark as well as the light.

I feel like I can breath now, and yes, I Trust the Process.

-"A person's license to create is irrevocable, and it opens to every corner of daily life. But it is always hard to see that doubt, fear, and indirectness are eternal aspects of the creative path". --Sean Mcniff

"Dried Rose on Windowsill", Brooklyn 2004

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A Rose For You

For anytime you need to be reminded of my love.

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Saturday, July 30, 2005

We Remember Rashawn Brazell

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BlackOut Arts Series!!!

Peep this:

My boy (and blogging partner) Ocean will be showing some of his sensual male nude photography (see photo below) as part of Pride in the City BlackOut Arts Series on August 5th at the Brooklyn Marriott!

Back by popular demand, Pride in the City, New York’s official Black, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community celebration presents its 2nd Annual BlackOut Arts Series. The event, which takes place at 4:30 PM, Friday, August 5, at the Brooklyn Marriott, 333 Adam Street, celebrates the outstanding artistic contributions the Black LGBT community has made and continues to make to the performing and creative arts communities. This year affair, which includes a wealth of work by a variety of outstanding artists, features a variety of inventive expressions that evokes the elements of fire in design, water in art, earth in writing, air in film and the power of love expressed thru spoken word.

This event, which includes a pre reception, comprises an art exhibit featuring work from a variety of creative talent including word smiths Conscious, Stephanie Adams, Frederick Smith, O’Brien Dennis, Frank Leon Robert, and Marin K. White. Visual exhibits includes “Intimate” by Bernard Morisset; “Pure Light” by Armisey Smith; “Love Letter to My Exes” by Charly; “Approaching” by Odie Rynell Cash; “Elevation” by Sean Stefan Tonio; and Phoenix Rising” which celebrates the artistry of legendary ball icons Derek Prada and Bernie Jourdan Karan.

Filmmaker Maurice Jamal, director of the runaway hit “Ski Trip” returns to head up BlackOut Arts Series’ Maurice Jamal Presents: New Black Gay Films. This visual display of ground breaking films includes “Jumping The Broom” by Debra Wilson; “On The Low” by Luther Mace; “Did I Just Look at Her?”, Couquie Hughes; “Just Between Us” by Kenneth Jackson; and Jamal’s latest release, “”Dirty Laundry”. The evening will end with “OFF RHYME CENTER” a spoken word, open-mic segment.


"Brothalee Love"

This image taken by my photographer friend "B" at a Pride In the City Event at Riis Beach last year. I don't see this type of Brotherly love much in our community. Where's the Love brothas?

"Brothalee Love"

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I always enjoy reflecting on my life to see where I've been, where i am and where i'm going. I've been dating men since I was 14 and active in all facets of the community. What i see today is a fragmented community. Everyone seems to be for "self". Our brothas are dying in droves, yet the black gay community is apathetic. What went wrong? Was it ever "right"? What needs to change? When will we break the chains and start embracing one another as loving brothas?

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Pride In the City Events Listing by Hott NYC DJ Fred Piecrce!

This listing was sent out by DJ Fred Pierce. Which event will you be attending?

2005 will mark the third year that People of Color in Crisis (POCC) will take great energy and resources to sponsor the well-received and very well attended Pride In the City Weekend (PITC). Pride In the City goes beyond the overall goals of most Black Pride weekends to host a celebration to build and affirm the Black Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community by providing opportunities for cultural celebration and networking. Pride In the City also attempts to provide health education, awareness and access to health services through its wide network of health related resources and referrals. While there is much entertainment, enlightenment and fun to be enjoyed by all during this event, the underlying goal is to get as many people tested for HIV and provide support for those individuals in need.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 4, -- The PITC Kickoff begins with the POCC Awards Celebration, commemorating various individuals who have exhibited exemplary service to our community. After the awards ceremony, a stellar performance by sultry recording artist VIVIAN GREEN. In past years we?ve been wowed by such celebrity artists as Jennifer Holiday and Rachelle Ferrell during the Awards Ceremony. I?m sure Vivian Green will put on a wonderful performance as well. This is one of only a few cost events that occur during PITC with a general admission of $30 and $60 for VIP admission. There is also an after party and official opening party event at Langston?s that evening.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 5 -- The Blackout Arts Festival will commence at 5pm and run until 11pm at the Brooklyn Marriott showcasing the arts and talents of a roster of individuals with expertise in visual arts, photography, spoken word and literature. This event is free to all who attend.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 6 It?s time for the Legendary PITC Family Picnic in Fort Greene Park (also known as Commodore Barry Park). The highlighted artist this year is the incomparable DEBORAH COX. Bring your blankets, a few dollars for food (no alcohol) and get ready for a really happening party event in the park. The Fort Greene Park event is a not to be missed event, make sure to be there. Of course, I?ll be providing back up tunes before and after the concert on the large outdoor dancefloor. The official Saturday night party will be at Langston's.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 7 Another notable event for you. We take the party down to Jacob Riis Beach for a star-studded day in the afternoon sun, with performances by classic divas JOCELYN BROWN and MARTHA WASH. Also make sure to catch the always-raucus Hot Body Contest held right on the beach. Once again, I?ll be there to provide you with classics, house and hip hop and r&b provided by another set of djs. The official after party will be the Return of Rhythm to it?s new home at Cattyshack.

While I'm honored to be the sort of resident dj for all three PITC events that have happened, I also have the honor of hosting two of the Official Pride In the City After-Parties. Many of you have already attended the fund-raiser parties I host at Octagon for POCC and I hope you follow up with more support at the parties. Here is a brief summary, separate emails will be sent out shortly.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 6 I join fellow dj and associate Calvin Smith for JOY A Celebration of Pride held at Langston's Lounge in Brooklyn. Come listen to the lastest and greatest hits in house, tribal beats and some of the most happening hip hop and r&b hits around. The sound system has been beefed up, the place looks spectacular. I hope you join us Saturday Night.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 7 Much thanks goes to all who attended the Rhythm Reunion over the July 4th weekend. It was very well received and so many people asked when will be the next event. We'll start RHYTHM SUNDAYS once again at Cattyshack to run every Sunday from August 7 on with two floors of music and outdoor patio lounge. Watch out for the separate email coming shortly about this event.
There are other notable events happening that weekend and I'll send you info on those shortly also. I hope you avail yourself of this wonderful event and enjoy all the huge efforts put out to make this happen.

Be talking to you soon.

"Pride" In The City?

With Pride In The City (the other Black Gay Pride in New York City) just a week away, I got to thinking about what I had to be proud of in being black and gay. Well, I've been in a long term relationship (now single), and shared my life (quite successfully) with another brotha. We had house, home, dog, car and the whole nine. The american dream for some, for others could probably care less. Still, I am proud of these accomplishments I've made.
I was thinking about 'Black Prides' in the years past and wondered out of the hundreds of men of color that gather for the weekend full of activities (mostly parties), how many of them were truly proud to be black and gay? How many were even "out"? Can you truly be proud while remaining invisible?

I'm just curious, are you proud to be black and gay?
Will you be attending any Pride in the City events? If so, which one's?