Sunday, March 30, 2014

Peekskill waterfront as dusk began to fall and the fog thickened.

I took my dog Max out for a walk at the waterfront. One thing that is true about any waterfront is that it's beauty changes with the season. Temps in Peekskill are still struggling to get above 50. The snow has finally all just melted. Even though it's spring, the bare tree's are reminiscent of the winter I would rather forget. Nevertheless, the moodiness is undeniable. The scene evoked a loud peace that I wanted to capture and never forget. This was an atmospheric weekend dressed in wind, fog, clouds, and plenty of RAIN. Days like today where the sky is overcast and the light is diffuse is the best light to shoot in, especially if you like moody images like I do. Below are a series I shot with my iphone. I enjoy grain in moody images. Some photographer's prefer images that are super sharp. I think the grain in the images lends itself nicely to a documentary aesthetic. Enjoy the view!

Rainy day in Peekskill, New York

In many cases, he rain tends to make people feel sad or depressed and oftentimes it is referred to as a 'miserable' day. I've always loved the rain for the cleansing and calming affect it has on the environment and in my spirit. On rainy days I feel introspective and at peace. I never mind getting caught in it (especially in the summer), or sitting in my car listening to the droplets pitter-patter against the vehicle. The best rain experience is always had from inside my home where I can enhance the ambience, by lighting candles, burning incense and listening to the pellets of rain tap against the windows and skylight. It's how I celebrate rain. On a recent drive I made some images from inside my car on what to me, was a beautiful day in Peekskill.