Sunday, March 28, 2010

Travel log #1: Caribbean cruise to St. Thomas, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Haiti.

Royal Caribbean Cruise to the eastern caribbean islands of Dominican Republic, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico and Haiti, on a mission of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.

I always look forward to re-connecting with the Caribbean. Though I'm born to Haitian parents, there's something about the region itself that I'm drawn to like the rich history, the lush green landscapes, the indigo blue water and perfect skies, the smell of the tropical air carrying the aromas of the island spices, and especially the sun seducing my skin with a fervent intensity and the soulful people reminding me that I am home. Ahhh, so many reasons to let go, so many reasons to just be...

I love being a tourist. There's a certain kind of fascination that comes to me when I'm in "tourist" mode. The look in my eyes get wider, my smile is broader, I immerse myself totally to feel the culture and spirit of the place. My silly island history questions get answered enthusiastically by the proud natives.

As a photographer, there's a different sense of purpose when taking vacation snaps. Even then, photography becomes less "mission-like" as is often my approach when shooting my photojournalistic work. The beauty around me was so intense, it overwhelmed me at times. I can only succumb to it, let go of everything and just be.

This was a great (much-needed) vacation. I left New york as rigid and stressed as a worn brick, and came back as the ocean.

Below is the first post of images from my Caribbean vacation. I'll be marinating in these and the feelings for a whole (i hope). Check back periodically for future posts with other images of paradise. Comments are welcome! Enjoy!

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Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas Cruise Ship in Labadee, Haiti. My home for nine days. I'll post review of the ship itself in a later post.

Samanna, Republica Dominicana

Native dancers twirling to the sounds of Salsa.


Jeans hang out to dry on top of the this village home.

Soy Dominicano.

Trees in the rain forest.

View from atop the mountains.

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Snorkling in St. Thomas. I now have an appreciation for underwater photographers. It's not easy, but alot of fun!

Palm tree through the humid glass window.

Labadee, Haiti
(check back soon for more of my take and some interesting facts about Labadee, Haiti.)

View from the cruise ship.

Haitian musicians.

Picturesque view

This was no ordinary shipwreck! This was a BAR on the beach, though closed for the afternoon. Vision is all it takes to come up with this one.

Haitian artist at work.

Nights at sea

San Juan nights, Puerto Rico.

Table in San Juan's 1st prison, converted to a restaurant. Traditional Spanish food that was the best I've had!

Water in the Caribbean.

View from the back of a speed boat in St. Thomas.

Waterfall in Samanna, Dominican Republic.

Where ocean meets sky.


Check back next week for more images from Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, St. Thomas and Haiti cruise vacation! Thanks for checking it out!

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Color Purple

I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it. ~ Alice Walker

Saturday, March 06, 2010