Tuesday, February 28, 2006

'What happened to Rashawn Brazell"?

In February 2005, Rashawn Brazell's dismembered body parts were found in garbage bags strewn throughout the borough of Brooklyn. Though his story was initially refused coverage in most mainstream media outlets, it incited overwhelming responses from bloggers, activists and outraged community members alike. One year later the murder of Rashawn Brazell still remains unsolved. Click "PLAY" below to view this video clip in memory of Rashawn and visit the Rashawn Brazell Memorial fund website at www.rashawnbrazell.com. All photos (c) Ocean Morisset.

Nocturnal Moodiness, 2006 (NEW!)

Presenting to you for the VERY FIRST time here at Brothaluva cafe, slide and video photo presentations! Man, it's good to be back! Here's a short clip of some images I took. Check it out! Click "PLAY" and Enjoy! All photos copyright (c) Ocean Morisset 2006.

Wow! It's been 4ever!

Hey, it's been a minute since I posted on this blog! Life took me away for a minute, but I'm back in full effect! Check out for postings from me very soon! In the meantime, check out my first interview with EPIPHANYNOIR. Just click on the lick on the right or here at http://epiphanynoir.blogspot.com. Also, be sure to CHECK OUT THE ARCHIVES at the right for more of my photography and musings!

Holla back soon!