Monday, May 26, 2008

Recent Images April-May 2008

Random images taken with no rhyme or reason, but leave me full of wonder and delight. Photography for me has always been about introspection and communication from the deep recesses of my soul. I think I respond more emotionally to my subjects, rather than subjectively. I feel, more than I see, but there are also times where I feel something based on what I see. OK, I'm obviously confused.

I guess there is no explanation to the question I'm asked the most: Why do you photograph the things you do? The process of photography is one of self-discovery for me. The more I evolve and grow, the more I will have questions about myself and about my place at the table. That's great news for me, because this blog serves as a record of my life through photography. I often go back through the archives and amaze myself at the varied amount of worked I've produced and posted on this blog, each photo reminding me of both my physical and emotional state at the time. The photos on this blog show me that I'm growing and creating balance in my life, something I need to remind myself whenver I feel off. Life has that effect sometimes doesn't it?

Anyway, enough blabbering for now. I just had a moment, and thought I'd share along with the images below. Enjoy!

Two bikes, two shades, one love.

Underneath the George Washington Bridge.

Cactus detail.

Red Cactus.

Pillars under the highway.

Weeping Willow.

Flower Vendor.

Ray (of hope) peeking through stormy clouds.

Amtrak train in Harlem.

Georg Washington Bridge and train through the fence.

Dramatic sky.

Glass half full.

Young Hispanic girls readying for Mother's Day parade.

Orange/Grapefruit Juice Vendor.

Floral life.

Sky from my window.

Angel in the garden.

Butterfly for Nu.

Incense holders.


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hiding in Hip Hop/Ali Forney Center Fundraiser held at the upscale boutique NHarlem, NYC.

Images from the book signing event Hiding in Hip-Hop fundraiser for the Ali Forney Center whose mission is to help homeless LGBT youth be safe and become independent as they move from adolescence to adulthood. To learn more about the Ali Forney Center, visit

Just to be a lil' different and still somewhat creative, I photographed this event in black and white. Enjoy!

Terrence Dean's new book, Hiding in Hip-Hop.

Terrence Dean signs a copy of his book.


Ali Forney Center Executive Director, Carl Siciliano and Laurence Pickney, a producer of the book signing fundraiser event.

Oppulence. The fact that this boutique had a chandelier in it, says it all.

A photo I just couldn't resist taking.

Terence Dean reading his book.

Smiles all around. There were lots of good vibes at this event.

The legendary party promoter James Saunders was one of the producers of this event.

Terrence Dean holding court with some friends.

The shoot would not have been complete without a self-portrait of myself! Where there's a mirror, there's a way! :-)

Saturday, May 17, 2008



Fine Art Male Nude photographs by NYC photographer Ocean Morisset for sale!

I'm in the editing phase of self-publishing of my first photo book (due out this fall) which is quite costly. Today, as a fundraiser for my book publishing, I'm offering a sale on my male nude photographs, some of which have been published in the following books:

Black No.5, by Jannsen Publishers, South Africa and Pascal Baetens' Nude Photography: The Art and Craft, published last year in the U.K.

By purchasing these fine art prints, you will own an original work of art, and support an emerging and growing artist in his fruitful career. :-)

The photographs are 8 x 10" archival inket prints, signed and dated and are only $50. I will gladly accept PAYPAL, Money Orders and Checks. I am also available to answer any questions you have.

Click on the following link to view and/or purchase the sixteen works for sale:


Peace & Light,
Ocean Morisset

Friday, May 09, 2008

Sean Bell Protest- NYC Wednesday May 7, 2008

Reverand Al Sharpton's National Action Network planned a series of six "pray-ins" at strategic locations in New York. The images that follow are from the carefully orchestrated demonstration at New York City Police Headquarters, also known as One Police Plaza. On this bright spring day, hundereds of protesters came out in force for a day of civil disobedience. And that's just what it was. Not a brick was thrown, and people actually "signed up" to be arrested. Now that's deep! By the end of the day, over two hundered and twenty people were arrested, all for Sean Bell, an unarmed black man who was shot to death by police on his wedding day.

This was a tough shoot given the large number of protesters and media, but I was proud to be there because after all, I AM SEAN BELL!

Feel free to post your comments about the Sean Bell case or the images. Click on any image for a larger view.


Protester shouts at police officer.

Crowd of protesters and media swarm the Reverand AL Sharpton, Nicole Paultre Bell, Sean's fiancee and the Bell family as they walk towards Police Headquarters.

Sean Bell's fiancee, Nicole Paultre Bell. A picture of grace, dignity, and determination.

Shooting victims Trent Benenfield and Joseph Guzman.

We are ALL Sean Bell!

Protesting through music. An impromptu performance which came at a time when tension began building in the crowd.

An artist's rendering of the scene that fateful night of November 25th 2006.

Massive crowd gathers in a show of protest against the Sean Bell verdict.

"This Whole Damn System Is GUILTY!" Protest sign against the backdrop of City Hall.

A single "black power" fist rises from the crowd.

Nicole Paultre Bell's attorney Sanford Rubenstein caught in a moment of exasperation.

Police on the scene.

Police officer warns the protesters blocking the entrance of the Brooklyn Bridge that they are "assembling illegally", and will be arrested.

One of over two hundred protesters who got arrested.

Blocking the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge, protesters count off from 1 to 50, the number of shots fired at Joseph Guzman, Trent Benenfield, and Sean Bell.

Sean Bell memorialized on a pin worn by a protester.

Nicole Paultre Bell and shooting victim Sean Bell's father, Mr. William Bell.

Bishop Lester Williams was to marry Nicole and Sean on the the day Sean was shot to death by New York City Police officers..

Reverand Al Sharpton, Nicole Paultre Bell and Joseph Guzman.