Monday, December 10, 2007

Ocean sur la mer

October 2007. Carnival Cruise, Central America. Photographed so lovingly by K. Thanks boo. :-)

Monday, December 03, 2007

Recent Images Dec 1-2, 2007

Lincoln Center X-mas tree.

Snowball thrower in the 'hood on the first day snow fell in New York. Blurry photo, yet a classic to me.

X-mas lights, Columbus Circle NYC.

Bed-Stuy sky from my window.

Decatur Street, Bed-Stuy Brooklyn.

What remains.

In memory of Ben. Another fallen soilder in the 'hood. I didn't know Ben, but I always make a point of photographing graffiti memorials when I come across them.

I was rushing to my photography club meeting this past Saturday, a bitter cold day in Brooklyn. The streets were devoid of people and not many cars drove by. It was an overcast winter day, yet the nineteenth century architecture stood out in all its boldness and glory. The subtle color of the homes and remaining foliage added a painterly feel to the landscape. These were images that no matter how cold I was, I had to grab! I was moving quickly, but never too quick to recognize beauty.

Brownstone Detail. Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

Clinton Hill Co-ops (A glorified "project").

Monday, November 26, 2007

Recent images- Costa Rica, 2007

Wow, it's been aminute since I've really posted images here! I've been really caught up with work, life and love. I'll be posting more regularly after the holidays. In the meantime, enjoy these images from my recent vacation to Costa Rica and Panama!
Hope you're enjoying the holidays. More to come later!

Canal tour, Limon Costa Rica 2007.

Boy at waterfront home, Limon, Costa Rica 2007.

Grass hut in the rain forest.

Tree roots (lizard).

Vendor family.

Overseeing the canal.

Palm tree growing out of Hibiscus tree.

Palm tree.

Boy on the Banano #10.

Boats on the canal.

Young boy waving.

Landscape view of the canal and forest.

Exotic bird perched.

The Victoria. What stories does she tell?

Walter, Captain of the boat.

Enrique, Mini-bus driver.

Passing the day in front of the house.

Couple. I assume this couple had a little bit more money in comparison to others. Their modest house has an attached garage.

Sculpted tree cemetery.

"Amlacenes El Colono." School kids waiting for the bus.

Dole banana plantation.

Fruit vendors.

Home in the village.

Ocean, Mountains and Sky.

Winged victory.

Costa Rican youth.

Colon, Panama apartment dwellings.

Tres amigas, Colon, Panama.

Children's clothes line, Colon, Panama.

Young girl sits in the window. Colon, Panama.