Wednesday, November 23, 2005

"Side view: Brooklyn Public Library at Grand Army Plaza", 2005

"Rainy night in Brooklyn II", 2005

"Rainy night in Brooklyn", 2005

Anyone who really knows me knows I LOVE the rain. I love the sound, the look and the feel. Moody days and wet nights make for reflection, introspection and sensuality.

These images are from a few nights ago. I took a break from work and made a run to KFC armed with my Canon Optura 30 video camera. These are my favorite pics out of the ten or so I shot that night. Next time, I'll actually bring my tri-pod out!

A look at Autumn

Autumn is a time for love, color, and transition. I experienced them all on a recent outing to Central Park. Below are some examples of the splendor of Autumn in the park. It was a glorious day for shooting!

"Autumn fruit", 2005

Quintessential autumn", Central Park NYC 2005

Thursday, November 17, 2005

The "Laundry Boy", November 17, 2005

Today i did my laundry. Once I arrived at the laundromat I realized that the only other person doing laudry was a ten year old kid (whose name I did not get, but in this series I call him "laundry boy") . As i said, he's ten years old and he was washing about six large loads of laundry, and doing it well! He tells me he's been washing clothes for his family since he was four, but mastered it at six. :-) Engaging this "laundry boy" in conversation, I asked him if he ever used too much soap, and he said he had, but that he's an "expert" now. This kid reminded me of my own youth. Funny I should do this series reflecting on my youth, one day before my thirty-sixth birthday. Hmmm...
He carried on extensive conversations with himself, was playful, kooky and seriously introspective. I also sensed a caregiver spirit.

How I long to be back at that place of ultimate freedom...the freedom of youth. I will say however, that I'm very much in touch with my inner child. I like to be playful, silly, and laugh...a lot! These have been my "soul" food. It's what nourishes me and keeps me alive, happy and thankful. This is why I'm able to connect with youth. Neither my eyes, nor my heart have stopped being curious about the world around me.

I was happy to have on hand my Canon Optura 30 digicam to shoot these stills. I also have video footage to put together from the "Laundry Boy" series. None of these shots were set-up.

"Hangin' with 'Laundry boy'", Nov. 17 2005

Prob. my favorite shot out of this series.

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"In one's own world", 2005

The beauty about youth is that everything fascinates you and brings you joy.

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"Laundry boy reading paper next to bubble gum machine", 2005

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"Boy reading the paper next to gumball machine", 2005

I was amazed at how responsible this ten year old kid appeared. He seemed to alternate between being the adult and the child throughout any given moment. Here he's taking a chillout between suds, reading the paper.

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"Looking outside, from within" 2005

I like this photo mostly because of its documentary aesthetic. Updloading didnt do any justice.

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"Laundry boy making faces"

This photo represents the epitome of youth. :-)

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"Laundry boy cracking up, making faces"

At this point, this kid was really goofing for the camera.

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"Laundry boy smiling"

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"Laundry boy carrying bag home"

This kid must have done laundry for his entire family of six. He had about six garbage bags full of clothes and carried each one to his home a few blocks away, one by one, all by his ten-year old self.

What a cool kid!

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