Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Imaging Us II: The Evolution of Black PRIDE New York 2007

This year's 'Pride In The City', New York's official Black Pride has come and gone, but these images will live on to tell the story of who we are, and how we love during our annual celebration of Black Gay Pride. Four days of events and about 1,400 pictures later, I present to you my vision of the main events of the weekend, as seen through my eyes. Obviously, I did a tight edit to present the images here. Please enjoy the photos and email the link to others. Click to enlarge any photo and feel free to post comments! HAPPY PRIDE!

Thursday August 2nd. Opening Night Ceremonies. Brooklyn, Marriott.
Former POCC Execituve Director Gary English (left) receives an award from current POCC Executive Director, Michael Roebson.

Harlem United's Soraya Elock recevies the Community Action Award presented by Patrick Mcgovern.

Filmmakers Patrick Ian Polk (left) and Maurice Jamal. Patrick received the award for Outstanding Achievement in Film & Television.

Fashion Show by Designer Cheyenne Allure, who also knows how to walk!

The alluring Tyra Allure in Cheyenne Couture.

Drag performances. I was stunned to see that even Jennifer Hudson is being emulated in drag numbers these days! Props for da BIG girls!

MO'Nique watch out!

The main attraction of the evening. R&B Sensation En Vogue.

Friday August 2nd. BLACKOUT ARTS SERIES. New York based poet, performer, writer and actress Pamela Sneed flashes a brilliant smile as she entertains the audience..

The MorganScott Ballet Dancers

Safter + Saner exhibited large scale images that I shot for their brothas in leather campaign. These images caused quite the stir!

Window reflection of the images against the city backdrop.

Audience members at the spoken word show.

Audience at the film screenings led by Maurice Jamal.

Writer Christopher Adams.

Saturday August 4th. FAMILY DAY PICNIC IN THE PARK. Commodore Berry Park, Brooklyn.

Performances in the Park.

The Host,Harmonica Sunbeam in rare form.

Yeah, she was FEELIN' it!

Rihanna couldn't have performed 'Umbrella' any more glamorously than this hottie from ATL.

Clinton, one of my models enjoying a day at the park

The main attraction for this day was R & B singer Amerie.

Dancing (and profiling) in the park.

Charles Jackson

"Catch Your LIFE!" That's the effect when you hear the deep soulful house music of Charles Jackson.

The headless dancer :-)

Don't be alarmed! This brotha was getting his dance on...on the ground!

Sunday August 5th. THE BEACH EVENT. The climax of Pride in the City. Riis Beach Far Rockaway, Queens.

My favorite photo from the whole weekend of events: Black SGL Couple Embrace in the Ocean.


Byron Barnes holding court at his "done" table.

My cover model here at BROTHALUVACAFE (pictured in the afro wig at top). Lorenzo NEVER disappoints!

Beach crew.

Beach football.

Anthony. Well, that's Anthony...:-) So full of grace, pride, and spirit!

Handsome SGL Couple.

POCC's Basil Lucas and his sister.

Pride, Joy, Laughter.

Couple dancing.

D.J. Unknown

Beach crew.

Beach fun.

Friendship (and possibly more) :-)

Boriqua fun in the ocean.

The headliner of the beach event was CeCe Penniston.

Hostess Tyra Allure working the crowd soliciting donations for POCC.

Beautiful Tyra.

Hostess Baby Sista. A HOT MESS! :-)

These women were really feelin' themselves when asked by CeCe to come on stage and dance!

Hot body contestants.

Hot body contestant working it out!

DJ Unknown spinning phat beats.

Hot Body Contestant.

This was SUPPOSED to be a photo of just me and CeCe, but...

Dropping it like it's hot! Female Hot Body Contestants.

Rarely do I get to be in front of a camera (unless I'm taking a self-portrait), but don't get me wrong, as much as I love to be behind the camera, I also like to be in front of it! (Wel,l sometimes anyway) LOL! These are some photos fellow photographer Steve Williams (pictured below) took of me. Thanks Steve!

Till next year....HAPPY PRIDE!