Friday, July 04, 2008

Letter to Bill, One year later

March 29, 1959- July 5, 2007

Dear Bill,

I can't believe it's been a year already that I haven't heard you laugh, or run on endlessly about everything and nothing. I miss our walks, picnics and therapy in the park, our bike rides around Brooklyn on hot summer nights and across the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges for dinner in Chinatown, our lunch time phone talks to help each other get through the day at our respective plantations. And you know I miss our trip to Cuba!!! I miss those days and special moments in time. You were a best friend till the end, and as usual, you didn't leave me hanging. You provided me with the love of my life three weeks after you left this plane. Was this always your plan? You did have a bit of trickster in you, so i wouldnt be surprised if you sent him strolling along my path, grinning at the possibilities of our union. This Month of July will forever have a special meaning for me. It's the month where you left this earth and sent my baby my way, on the very last day. So you see, there are two reasons to celebrate this month....celebrate your life and legacy of art and friendships, and also to celebrate Love.

As my own life evolves, I trust that you will be there, as you were in life, walking with me and protecting my heart. And playing your Native American flute. You know better than anyone else what I've wanted in life, and now you have an even better perspective. Work your majic. :-)

Before I forget, I should tell you that your many of your photographs and journals will be held in the Permanent Collection of the Schomburg Museum! And so will mine! It warms my heart to know that our photogaphs will be held in the same collection, The Gay and Lesbian Archive at the Schomburg Museum, the first of it's kind! Also, New York Magazine just published an article in the June 18th issue titled Who still dies of AIDS and why, and your photograph is alongside the article to add a human face to this tragedy we still face. Don't get all suped-up now, you're face is not the only one, but I'm sure you'll appreciate the fact that Willie Ninja's photo is also a part of the story. I know you don't mind sharing the spotlight with another artist.:-)

The other day I was walking through Central Park and felt your presence strongly. Maybe you were trying to tell me to be careful how I handle your camera that I was carrying. Maybe you were telling me not to neglect the beauty around me. I spoke to you...I hope you heard me. Maybe it was the lush park environment that beckoned your call, we always seemd like we were at home when we were in parks. I decided to mark your anniversary with a gift to go along with this letter. I took these photos while I felt your presence, as I walked through the park. I even had therapy in your honor. I know how much you loved parks, nature and photography, and that we never took for granted the beauty of our surroundings, so these photos are especially for you. They are in a way, metaphors for the feelings I've had during the course of the year.

I remember, and will never forget...

Love always and until we meet again,

Uprooted tree



Flying Congregation. You always wished you could fly.

Biker. Bill was an avid cyclist.

Red and green leaves, because we always see.

Dried leaves.

Untitled Tree Trunk

Waterfall II

Stone Staircase


Tree bark, never to be taken for granted.

Fallen Tree

Stone Staircase II

Swirling tree

This is the way.

Bill as a shadow flautist.

Bill and Ocean, best of friends.