Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ode to Harlem Besties

Piggy back ride
transportation of love
with laughter as its fuel
It never tires, 
not for a sister 
or a bestie...
it rages on like fire.

Our friendship
fits like a glove;
passion- burning warmth
on the coldest days
and darkest nights
moved beyond the depths
of all that inspires,
the joy of which takes form
of these words I write. 

A moment in precious time
In the face of a neighborhood 
and a world
in transition
thick like African musk oil
Vaporizes in the heat of a 
Harlem summer
and joins the breeze
as together, we take flight.

And while all things inevitably change
my love for you stands 
the test of time
and soars 
like an iridescent kite.

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